Welcome to the Dunwoody Newcomers Club!

The Dunwoody Newcomers Club, a secular, non-profit, social organization for women, adopted the symbol of the pineapple as a representation of the purpose of our club. The pineapple serves as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome throughout the history of the Americas. As residents of Dunwoody and nearby locations, we want to provide that same welcoming experience to those moving into our community where new friends are made and old friendships are fostered.

Founded in 1972, our goals are to:

• Reach out to new residents of the greater Dunwoody, GA area.

• Create a civic interest in our community.

• Foster fellowship among our members.

About the photo at top: The iconic Dunwoody Farmhouse built in 1906 is at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Chamblee-Dunwoody Roads.

Board Meeting July 2022

In true Dunwoody Newcomers Club style, we offer a wide variety of events, activities, and interest groups.

Here's how to look at our website:

• Home Page: You can quickly see what is going on this year. New monthly events will be posted in advance on this page as well.

Events & Activities Page: See this page to view all the club-wide activities available to current members.

Special Interest Groups Page: Our "SIGs" page provides information about the wide range of ongoing small group activities that our club members chair.  As we introduce new activities and opportunities, new groups are formed each year.

Prospective Members: Please contact our membership team at dncmembership@gmail.com

Current Members: Please check your current newsletter for additional information about the events and how to RSVP.

Upcoming Events:

Join us at upcoming events!

Check your email for upcoming in-person and Zoom events, and spend time with your Newcomer friends.