Dunwoody Newcomers Club is a secular, non-profit, social organization for women. Founded in 1972, our goals are to:

  • Reach out to new residents of the greater Dunwoody area.
  • Create a civic interest in our community.
  • Foster friendship among our members.

Co-Presidents Diana Kafka
Becky Ward
1st Vice President: Coffees
2nd Vice President: SIGs Susan Scheinfeld
Secretary Mary Ann Dunmire
Treasurer Beverly Brown

Flyers Carol Schneider
50/50 Co-Chairs Susan Renas
Sheila Cutler
Membership Admin.
Membership Outreach
Membership Outreach
Membership Nametags
JoAnne Grunbaum
Elaine Stepakoff
Sharon Jedel
Sharyn Lane
Newsletter Madeline Litt
Past President/Advisor Sheila Cutler
Photographer Carol Groom
Publicity Tina Coté
Sunshine Tina Coté
Sunshine/eBirthdays Liz Cohn
Website Liaison Mary Ann Dunmire

Book Club Donna Fitzwater
Breakfast Bunch Denise Padrun
Bunco Pat Dougherty
Becky Ward
Canasta Mary Jane Stephens
Flick Pick

Carol Schneider
Barbara Jacobstein.

Floral Design Carol Groom
Play Group Manuela Bornstein
Sharon Jaspan
Rummy Q Mary Jane Stephens
Treasure Hunters Beverly Kingsley

Theatre Socials Harriet Trackman
Summer Meet & Greet Becky Ward
Carolyn Harrison
Opening Lunch Elaine Schlissel
Sue Weintrob
Clara Lazar
Holiday Lunch Tina Coté
Sharyn Lane
Diana Kafka
Nancy Kessler
Valentine’s Day Lunch Helene Glassman
Kat Oppenheimer
Carol Groom
Diana Kafka
Becky Ward
March Special Event Susan Scheinfeld
Elaine Stepakoff
Election Lunch Diana Kafka
Becky Ward
Tina Coté
Harriett Trackman
Mary Ann Dunmire
Carol Groom
Sally Story
Installation Lunch

Welcome all!

In true Dunwoody Newcomers Club style, we offer a wide variety of events, activities, and interest groups.  Here's how to look at our website: 

Home Page: You can quickly see what's going on this year on the left side of our home page. The flyer(s) below provide information on our upcoming general meetings. 

Events and Activities page  provides information on our club-wide activities.

Special Interest Groups page  provides information about the wide range of on- going group activities that our club members chair and vary from year to year. 

Prospective members - Please contact our membership team at membership@dunwoodynewcomers.com

Current members - Please check your current newsletter for additional information about the events and how to RSVP.


If you have any questions or want more information on the Dunwoody Newcomers Club, our Events & Activities, or the Special Interest Groups, please contact info@dunwoodynewcomers.com